It was, he said, secession from civilization. Two of the most courageous editors were father and son, Hodding Carter, Jr. and Hodding Carter III of Mississippis Delta Democrat Times. And I believe that that is in large part a result of my fathers vision of a diverse newsroom that produced a paper that looked at the five fault lines of race, class, gender, generation and geography and so reflected its citys vision of itself. Managers control, leaders build and accomplish. The outcome of the civil rights struggle might have been different, and almost certainly, the Souths resistance might have even been more violent, had the editors not provided leadership at a crucial time. But ultimately, McGill said he was for integration, not just because it was the law but because it was the right and just position to take. He was what we might call a purposeful leader - someone who has the ability to inspire others to act for the common good, to serve some greater cause, to pursue a larger goal, to believe in a higher ideal. People were dispatched all over the country to learn what the experience of desegregation was actually like for a community and a newspaper. But Jesus perceived their wickedness, and said, Why tempt ye me, ye hypocrites? The sample tribute on this page gives special recognition to someone who is an exceptional volunteer. Tribute is the best way to show your respect, admiration, or gratitude to someone you feel is so important to you in life. It is a privilege, therefore, 15 years after the fact to express this public word of gratitude to my old publisher, Creed Black, (Listen to John Carrolls tribute to Creed Black), Anchorage Daily News(Presentation by Howard C. Weaver, the Sacramento Bee). Lowell Lo - Stephen Covey, author and educator. Enduring a promise to make Newfoundland better and investing his time and energy into the future of our beautiful province. This paralyzes people in place, stealing initiative and robbing joy. The research is clear in pointing out how people join and give their best to teams where they are appreciated and celebrated. Courage, too, powered the many editors who lead their newsrooms and communities during the Civil Rights turbulence in the 1960s. Never forget that no military leader has ever become great without audacity. One of my personal favorite lines is ALARMINGLY INTELLIGENT leader this from a Captain who must have quickly realized he would be very smart to watch, listen and learn all he needed to know about leadership from Airman Klintworth. Then another, and another, and finally that determination put us back in business stronger than ever. The Herald-Leader made so much money that Knight Ridder would often send promising young executives to Lexington to see how it was done. Then he answered. If this charge were true, it would make me well qualified to serve in that body. The same year her newspaper won Alaskas first Pulitzer Prize, she was forced to lay off 40 percent of the staff and appeal to the community for contributions to keep publishing. For this plain spoken Ohio editor, by then a national figure as chairman of Knight Newspapers, the prize was an affirmation of the virtue of speaking ones mind with clarity and honesty. Ry Cooder for me is a master, a great master that has a wonderful feel for Cuban music. He created a three-person desk to operate his coverage around the clock for a year and make sure that everything from the street, from the courts, the government and the schools themselves was part of one picture not a story divided by departmental convenience. Paul J. Johnson was a man who was responsible and accountable to his commitments. Our brilliant editor Abe Rosenthal laid out the newsrooms plans for him, complete with an offsite newsroom and composing room to maintain secrecy. Hazel Brannon Smith watched the financial health of the Lexington Advertiser in Mississippi decline precipitously after she protested the sheriffs shooting of a black man for making too much noise. Her leadership moment has truly stretched across many decades. And in this case was being told to the reporter, though unofficially, by US military personnel in Europe. And they brought unto him a penny. The most famous passage addressing this internal drive to selflessly serve others is written by Saint Paul and found in Chapter 13 of 1st Corinthians. Perhaps we should date Kay Fannings leadership moments from that day when she walked away from her desk in the news library at the Anchorage Daily News to take over for the editor and publisher, her husband, who had just died at his desk in the newspaper office. During all this, no only did Creed not waiver, he actually seemed happy. At that time the Oakland Tribune was considered the nations second-worst newspaper. Finally, of particular interest to this audience came the awful pressmans strike in October 1977, more than a year after Watergate. Copyright 2011-. .people dont buy newspapers because the newspaper coddles them or because it seeks their permission before it runs a story, or because it panders to their prejudices. No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit for doing it. Love is life. She became engaged to a man named Nick in 1954 who went to New York City to work, sending home money to Greece whenever he could. Please travel back in time with me across a generation of Americas racial divide. They buy it because it tells them important things without flinching, or shading the truth. Each phrase below is identified by the section where it will fit best in a memorial or tribute and a number that you can use when ordering. N is for Never Setting Your Goals Too Low, V is for Visionary Leadership: Move the Ball Down the Field, A Tribute To Veterans - Solemnly Remember. Through editorials or columns, these editors spoke out and became voices of sanity in a period of political abdication from national responsibility. Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God. Good leaders are role models at work. Daily circulation went up by nearly 30%, in spite of the fact that wed killed the evening paper. Both are legitimate . He said it was no longer banned at their newspaper. (Listen to Roberts tribute to Civil Rights Era editors), Oakland Tribune(Presented by Dori Maynard of the Maynard Institute), In 1977, my father quit his job on the Washington Post to begin working on the institute that bears his name today. What were Lucys crimes? he asked. And they could not understand how this editor, a man of elegant taste and old-fashioned virtue, could take the side of rebellious youths who smoked pot and wore the American flag on their tattered jeans. Whether were talking about business or politics, were surrounded by distressing examples of leadership. A boss knows all, a leader asks questions. A boss fixes blame, a leader corrects mistakes. Train Your Replacement Not Your Clone! "What you do has far greater impact than what you say.". And they tore down some walls and he built a new conference room. Leo Buscaglia. And lets face it, few of them thought that Katharine Graham had the guts and leadership to pull it off. A leader who doesn't hesitate before he sends his nation into battle is not fit to be a leader. (L to R) Lois Oetting, Alma and Harold Hollman in front of church windows designed by Harold's business, City Glass Specialty (church is in Grafton, WI). You're such a humble person, you are a great preacher, teacher, person and most of all a great man . Great leaders communicate commitment while wannabe leaders make promises. Frank Bell, the director of Camp Mondamin (one of the nation's oldest and best summer camps) has retired after 41 years of inspiring leadership and stewardship. The easiest way to see why I believe this to be true is to simply substitute a leader for love in the above quote. "Senator Harry Reid was a true lion of the Senate. And in that conference room they conceived of coverage that cut across the five fault lines of race, class, gender, generation and geography, winning hundreds of awards including the Pulitzer Prize. Compassionate and humble, he represents the man I wish to be. In 1967, John S. Knight was 73 years old and still writing The Editors Notebook, a Sunday column he had started in 1930 at the Akron Beacon Journal, which now reached a national audience. The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. In good times and bad, she never lost . Well, we did that. More or less in order, these are the things that happened after this story was published: Now, I dont like the use of the word media to describe a variety of news outlets. a transformational leader and change agent who had great dreams of what public education could be. Even when - perhaps especially when - you don't feel like being a leader. CMS Mike Klintworth gave an hour presentation recently to Leadership Wichita Falls and it left me yearning for more of his wisdom. For this, as John Kennedy said of courage, each editor must look into his own soul. Minimum: 250 words. In addition to the editors I named, there was Lenoir Chambers of the Norfolk Virginian Pilot; Sylvan Meyer of Gainesville Georgia and the Miami News; Coleman Harwell and John Seigenthaler of the Nashville Tennessean; C.A. Leadership is often confused with management. It being a simple matter. Its personal. Katharine Grahams first leadership moment for me will always be her decision in 1963 to take the future of The Washington Post into her own hands after the tragic loss of her husband. He served as Nevada's U.S. senator from 1987 to 2017, leading the Democratic National Caucus from 2005 until his retirement. To his critics, he replied, As an opponent of our involvement in Vietnam since 1954, I have neither enjoyed criticizing three presidents nor accurately predicting the consequences of their policies. When the Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing was awarded to Jack Knight the following May, the Pulitzer Board noted the clearness of style, moral purpose, sound reasoning and power to influence public opinion. Leadership is not professional. Announcing his gratitude for each employee daily, reiterating how important their role and efforts were to him and for their success in business. Could you please stand up and be recognized. With a contagious smile and infectious laugh, he turns heads every time he talks. In times of grief, there is inspiration. Last year, in an all but secret proceeding, Congress passed the Intelligence Authorization Act, which, had it become law, would have criminalized all unauthorized disclosures of classified information. Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith. - Dale Carnegie, author and motivational speaker. In a small town dominated by a larger competitor whose publisher was also the Chamber of Commerce president, many would have spoken more of discretion than of valor. Some of the most influential members of our society don't have an official title that designates them as a "community leader.".